Beirut: 3 Tips

I left my heart in Beirut. That’s for sure.

I was lucky, with one of my best friends living there, and another getting married there, I had a unique opportunity to visit the city from a local’s perspective – which is always the best way to see a city in my opinion. I’d add that one of the perks of growing up internationally is that I have friends in a lot of different cities around the world.

Honestly, giving only three recommendations for Beirut seems impossible, but I’ll give it a shot.

1: Eat at Liza

It’s stunning and the food was so good!

As we were a group of friends, we decided to go with the fixed menu for dinner. I swear I’ve never eaten so much in my life. We were all full by the time the appetizer round was done – I think there were two more rounds after that. I’m not complaining though, it was delicious and the setting simply could not have been more beautiful.


(Photo taken from Liza’s Facebook Page – because it’s way nicer than the one I had!)

Liza: Doumani Street, Ashrafieh, Beirut

2: Take a day trip to Byblos

I don’t usually like to give tips that are so obvious – and this one is certainly in all the guidebooks. But it really was a lovely day. After wandering around the ancient fort ruins, we stopped for a glass of wine and some seafood appetisers in a lovely restaurant overlooking the sea.

2016-05-27 15.11.40-2

3: Drink at Stairway

I discovered one of my favourite drinks in Beirut – the Gin Basil. How I had never even heard of it before is beyond me, but oh my goodness do they make a mean one here.

Nestled in between two buildings, this rooftop bar is cozy and fantastic!

Yummy finger food and fantastic drinks, the only (teeny) downside is that it takes a little bit of time to get your order. Our strategy was to order our next round when the first was brought to the table – works for me!


Photo taken from Stairway’s Facebook page (I forgot to take pictures!)

Stairway: Mar Mkhael, Beirut

Oh, it’s so hard to end this post here, there are so many other must-see, -eat, and -dine places in Beirut.  Since this is just 3 Tips and not a dozen, I’ll end here. The truth is, I’m not done with Lebanon, and cannot wait to find any excuse to get back there!


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