Brussels Boutique – Blender 02

I love concept stores. Especially when they sprout up around the corner from my place!

While strolling down the delightful Rue du Bailli in the Chatelain neighborhood, I stumbled across this relatively new addition to the scene: Blender 02. It’s a little bit hipster and a whole lot of darling.

I recently started a new job that just happens to be right next to where I live (cheers for sleeping in!). One of the best parts of this job is that I can stroll around the neighborhood during my lunch break. The next best part  is that I have my own office for the first time. Which means: DECORATING!


I’ve been overloading on plants – they makes my office feel so much more warm and inviting (assuming I don’t kill them all). Thankfully, this little boutique has a whole lot to choose from. I’m intrigued by the upside down pots too – though, I’m not quite so sure I can start drilling holes into my ceiling!

2017-02-17 12.36.58.jpg

They also have a little selection of natural beauty products from L:A Bruket, a lovely Swedish line. I snagged crazy delicious smelling bath salts. Doesn’t it look like heaven?


I admit, I’ve become somewhat of a regular…


Blender 02: Rue du Bailli 86, 1050 Ixelles

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