Prague: 3 Tips

Ahh Prague… 

There is certainly no need for me to wax on about how stunning the city is – from the Charles bridge, to Prague Castle, and every nook and cranny in between, you won’t regret a trip there.
Here are my 3 Tips – none actually have anything to do with ‘touristing’, but they are oh so good.

Tip 1: Drink at Hemingway’s 

Where do I even begin… I could start with my love for cocktails – but this is a blog, not a novel. They make incredibly creative, and crazy delicious cocktails, like my new favourite: The Mezcal Sour. I should add that I thought I hated Mezcal. Apparently I don’t.
  2016-07-22 21.47.31-2
I topped the night off with….hmm frankly, I have no idea what this drink was called. But it came in a teacup!?! Enough said. I was sold. It also happened to taste divine.
2016-07-23 21.31.51
We may, or may not have made reservations for the next night on the way out of the bar….
On that note: don’t forget to make a reservation, they only allow seated patrons, so don’t take the risk

Tip 2: Eat at Guga

2016-07-22 22.12.52-2
We stumbled into the place without knowing what it was and were delighted by its cosy ambiance. Having never tasted (or frankly, thought to taste) Georgian food, we thought – why not?
And boy were we pleasantly surprised!
To be honest, I don’t even remember what we ordered – and truth be told, I gobbled it up without taking any pictures (I’m not doing such a good food blogger job here eh?).
Lucky for you, this place is right next to Hemingway’s so I’d recommend having a bite here before imbibing in the cocktail deliciousness next door.

Tip 3: La Degustation

This might not be the best tip for someone travelling on a budget – but oh my goodness was this one of the most incredible meals I’ve ever had.
La Degustation is one of, I believe two Michelin starred restaurants in Prague. They created a magical meal and I managed to actually take some pictures (I really need to work on this food blogger thing).
The dish that made me realise that I apparently don’t hate squash or zucchini
2016-07-23 18.14.49
Mushroom deliciousness…
2016-07-23 18.47.15
Seafood magic….
2016-07-23 18.28.50
Divine beef…
2016-07-23 19.19.51
Unfortunately, I gobbled up the amuse bouche and appetisers – and dessert before I thought to take pictures. Oops.
I paired my meal with wine – but, in a nice twist for those who don’t want to drink, they offer a fruit juice pairing as well.
Yummm… writing this blog just made me hungry.

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