Restaurant review: Humphrey’s delights

What happens when a Belgian chef who spent 6 years at Noma decides to open his own spot in Brussels with a Filipino co-founder? Great food – that’s what happens!

How I waited this long to check out Humphrey Restaurant is beyond me, especially given my obsession with finding Filipino food in Brussels (I’ll get to that some other time). To be fair, this isn’t straight up Filipino food, more like inspired by… but who’s complaining? It was so good!

We were able to snag the last two seats for a 7pm Friday evening reservation – they were at the bar, which meant we got to see it all in action. I started off with a cocktail made with calamansi (my favourite!) – I kinda forgot what kind of alcohol was in it, but it was light, refreshing and delicious.


Calamansi is a hybrid between a citrus and a kumquat, and is used extensively in Filipino cooking. Calamansi juice was my favourite thing to drink growing up in the Philippines. But, I digress…let’s get back to this meal!

The menu is made up of a shared dishes. We were told to choose 5-7 for the two of us. Truthfully, we were full after 4 – and the 5th one we had could have fed 3 people, but it was all so good, I was delighted to have more to eat!

We started with Chicharon – crunchy, light and delicious, served with a dipping sauce that was vinegary, sweet and spicy. Yummm


Then we moved onto the Humphrey wings with blue cheese dipping sauce – oh my goodness. I could have ended my night at that point perfectly pleased. Seriously – the picture may not look that exciting but the party in your mouth that happens when you take your first bite is not to miss!


At this stage they brought out the Squid Squad and Laquered Sate (pork belly) we were dying to try. Both were amazing – the latter was literally melt in your mouth tender.



Obviously, at this stage we were pretty full. We had ordered as our 5th plate, a rice table, which we were told was a dish of ribs, rice and veggies. We were NOT expecting the massive portion we ended up with – which truly would have fed both of us without any other dishes.



Stuffed! That’s how we felt – I mean how could we possibly put anything else in our bellies?!

That’s what we thought … until we saw them bring a really cool looking dessert to another table. Next thing you know, we’re ordering it. I mean come on – it came with a hammer!


After a couple of good hits, the chocolate sphere cracked open, revealing a selection of truffles. We had already eaten a few by the time I got a picture in – ooops.


We left stuffed, happy and both in need of a trip to the gym. I’m already planning our next trip – they change the menu regularly, and I want to get a chance to try more dishes!

Humphrey Restaurant: 36-38 Rue Saint-Laurent, 1000 Bruxelles – +32 472 049 580



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