Montreal: An ode to street art

I’ve been lucky this year when it comes to work travel. With locations like Malta, Barcelona and Washington DC on the calendar, I really can’t complain. Montreal however, takes the cake this year – and for a personal reason: it’s home to my wonderful big brother.

One of my favourite things about Montreal – aside from the company of course – is its incredible street art scene. I thought I would share some of the incredible finds I made while on a stroll through just one short small section of this vibrant city.


2017-05-20 15.05.08

2017-05-20 15.09.04

2017-05-18 10.57.58

2017-05-20 14.32.14

2017-05-20 16.06.14

2017-05-20 16.02.17

2017-05-20 14.41.06

2017-05-17 17.21.19

2017-05-20 15.00.45

2017-05-20 16.06.19

2017-05-20 16.00.30

Montreal actually hosts an annual street art festival MURAL – which I unfortunately missed by just a couple of weeks. I’ll definitely try to make sure to plan my next visit to Montreal around that time.

Summer in Montreal really is magical – but don’t even get me started about how cold those winters are, I don’t know how anyone survives them!

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