DC & Baltimore #Worktravel

I lived in DC for about four years, and to be honest, I don’t think I appreciated it much when I was there. Now however, every time I go back, I’m blown away by how much I like it. There are so many wonderful neighbourhoods, filled with fantastic restaurants, bars, and boutiques. I also just love the architecture – tree lined streets and quaint row houses are my kryptonite 🙂

2017-06-09 09.24.14

This time around, I was in DC for a work trip. Which meant I didn’t have much time to play tourist. Nevertheless – no trip to DC (for an avid reader) is worth it without a quick stop in Kramer’s Books. It’s Dupont Circle staple – that, thank goodness, seems to be doing well despite the fact that so many independent bookstores in the US are closing.

2017-06-09 10.41.58

2017-06-09 10.20.13

Food recommendations, you may ask? Why of course! I discovered three fantastic finds:

Get an elk burger at BareBurger in Dupont because yummmm and also organic and local. Win win.

2017-06-10 14.58.12

Get everything at Iron Gate. Seriously, it’s AMAZING. I can’t even begin to pick a favourite. No really, I went twice. Unfortunately, I was so excited to eat both times that I forgot to take pictures of the food. I’m really bad at this “pictures for blogging” thing. It’s also near Dupont Circle.

Get a popsicle at Pleasant Pops. If you won’t take my word for it, Obama went there with the kids (there’s picture proof). Just sayin’.  I had the Strawberry-Ginger-Lemonade one on a hot day strolling through Adams Morgan. It was perfect.

2017-06-10 09.53.26

After a few days in DC, we hopped over to Baltimore for a conference. It was insanely hot that week, but my colleagues and I managed to get a teensy bit of touristing in.

2017-06-10 19.49.592017-06-11 12.16.05

Et voila!

I can’t wait to find out where work takes me next – a little bird told me Warsaw is coming up! Never been to Poland, so I’m super excited to check it out in between meetings.

As a side note: I’ll be heading to Paris for a mini break and then Israel and Jordan for summer break, so stay tuned for more travel posts!


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